Tuscany Texas Series

Whether you’re looking for contemporary romance or romantic suspense, small town or high city living, you can find it here.

I’m thrilled to have the first books in two my series with many more to come in 2015.

But first let’s start by visiting the Texas Hill Country and the Parker-Davis clan in the romantic setting of Tuscany, Texas.

It’s where the people are real, the land is rich, and the love lives are steamy. Family matters here and the Parker-Davis clan is a tight knit group with a whole lot stories to tell. Enjoy the first book about the oldest son, Caleb Davis in Deep in My Heart.

Book #1 of the Tuscany, Texas series

Book #1 of the Tuscany, Texas series

Dr. Jocelyn Promise had no long-term plans to stay in Tuscany, Texas, but she
saved the daughter of Caleb Davis, her high school crush, and became a hero.
Will she allow herself to fall for him again?
Widower and Air Force Veteran,
Caleb Davis, never wanted to fall in love again… until he saw Jocelyn. Now
someone from his past has arrived to even a score.
Can he protect his
family, Jocelyn, and his heart?
Things are about to get interesting in
Tuscany, Texas.

This romantic suspense is a spicy read. 

Available in ebook from Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Kobo, and Smashwords.




Carried Away— book #2–Luke Davis and Mia Connors get their time in the spotlight.

Luke Davis only had eyes for Mia Connors since he first saw her at the July 4th parade when they were twelve years old. From then on, he and Mia, along with his best friend Bruce Dexter, were the Three Musketeers.
Then one high school summer changed everything and Mia ended up pregnant…by Bruce.
Heartbroken, Luke stepped aside to give Mia and Bruce a chance to make their growing family work, but he’d never stopped caring for her.
Fifteen years later, Luke has returned to Tuscany after serving in the Air Force as an ER doctor and discovers Mia’s marriage has crumbled.
Mia Connors-Dexter became a bride far earlier than she anticipated. An impetuous evening one summer changed her life forever and she lost the chance with the only man she’d loved, Luke Davis. Now, Luke’s home and Mia’s life has been yanked out from underneath her. Secrets she’s kept hidden are revealed and her husband’s actions set things in motion with tragic consequences.
When Luke is unable to save his former best friend, he must reconcile his guilt as well as his feelings for Mia.
Mia’s been living in her own private hell and she suddenly finds herself free, but unsure of herself.
Can these two find the strength to help each other heal and finally let their love get carried away?


2014 10 17 Lone.Star.Love.kindle.nook

Lone Star Love— Book #3 in the Tuscany, Texas Series.

From award-winning author Patricia W. Fischer, the Tuscany, Texas series continues on with Lone Star Love featuring Ethan Parker and Tish Martin.

Former mean girl, Tish Martin, had it all growing up. Perfect house, great family, and more money than she could spend in a lifetime. Now, she’s returned to Tuscany divorced, in remission, and caring for an Alzheimer’s afflicted mother.

Something has to go her way, right? Not exactly. After almost being killed in an attempted kidnapping, Tish literally runs into the arms of Sheriff Ethan Parker.

The former Marine, Ethan, had his eye on Tish Martin when they were in high school, but she never gave him the time of day. Since he’d rescued her from a near death experience, they’ve been inseparable, but he knows Tish isn’t telling him everything about her time away.

With her body in recovery and her broken heart healing, can she let Ethan in to help her heal? And will a secret she’s been keeping from him shatter their chances?

Things are about to get hotter in Tuscany, Texas.



Amazed by You–book #4 of the Tuscany Texas series features youngest brother, Joseph Davis and a newcomer, Stephanie Stratford.
Responsible Joseph Davis just got dumped…at the altar. With his heart shattered, he decides the best way to heal is a one night stand and the cute brunette he just befriended will do just fine. Especially, when she offers him a deal he can’t refuse.
One night. Just sex. No names.
Against his good-guy nature, he agrees except something about her makes him realize, they’ve met before.
As a pregnant teen, Stephane Stratford stayed in the Pathways Foster Home and gave her daughter up for adoption. During her time there, she had a brief conversation with a young chestnut haired hunk with the cute dimples. He treated her with such kindness, she’s always compared every other suitor against him and all have failed miserably to measure up.
When she unexpectedly has to return to Tuscany to care for her now, teenage daughter, Stephanie wants one last fling before having to take on the permanent role of mother. This hot cowboy couldn’t be a better choice, but their rendez-vous ends too quickly and when they say their good-byes, Stephanie is confident she’ll never see him again…until she finds him standing in her sister’s kitchen.
Joseph can’t believe it. The beautiful brunette that’s given him more erotic dreams than he cares to admit, is related to a long-time friend.
As drawn as he is to her, does he take a chance in trying romance again?
With their attraction growing, Stephanie finally realizes that cute boy with dimples from long ago has grown to be one amazing looking man and the keeper of her biggest secret.
Should she admit it all and face the fallout? 

Risk losing the only things she holds dear? 

Can Joseph work through his broken-heart and learn to trust again?
Things are about to get hotter in Tuscany.





7 thoughts on “Tuscany Texas Series

  1. Judy Tulloch says:

    I just finished reading “Deep In My Heart” and in the back it said book 2 would be out 2/2014, book 3 in 4/2014, book 4 in 5/2014 and book 5 in 6/2014. I looked for them on Amazon and couldn’t find them. Will they all be out anytime soon?

    • PatriciaWF says:

      Hey Judy!

      Yes, you’re reading it correctly, but I’m very behind with writing. Kids, laundry, strep throat, laundry, kids, you know the drill. My deadlines are coming up for books 2 and 3. They should be out by September 2014 with books 4 and 5 by October 2014.

      Thanks for asking!

    • PatriciaWF says:

      Yes, thank you for writing Debbie. I’m presently working on a book for Harrison. It was also brought to my attention that Trenton needed his own book. The comment “after all the crap he’d dealt with being with Jo-Leigh, he needs his own book.” So, he’s getting a book as well as Kate and Kelly Davis. Whew!

      Harrison’s should be out by Christmas and I’m hoping to have one other done as well. Thank you so, so, so much for asking about Harrison. I promise, he’ll have a great story.

  2. Naomi says:

    I have just read all four books in the series and I’m addicted!! Looking forward to more books coming out! Are you still planning on doing a story about Ethan and Tish and their adoption story?

    • PatriciaWF says:


      Thank you so much for writing.

      Yes, I’m working on their adoption story as well as Harrison’s story. I’ve also been asked for a story for Trenton after having put up with Jo-Leigh for so long.

      Anyone else you’d like to read about?

      And thank you so much for being addicted. These characters really got under my skin as well. 😉

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