Olympic Themes and Childhood Dreams

2016_Summer_Olympics_logo.svg The Olympics. It’s a special time for us to witness greatness, defeat, and those memorable moments we can tell future generations you were there when something happened.

Thank goodness, we don’t have to wait four years for good books to come around and we certainly don’t have to wait for Olympic themed books to hit our ereaders or our hot little hands. I’ve got some great suggestions for all of y’all.

First, let’s start with non-fiction. What are the Summer Olympics? Helps give us a great basic bit of information on what the games are, where they started, and why we celebrate them. I’m always a big supporter of knowledge and sometimes starting with a children’s book is a great way to get a bit of info to get you rolling in the right direction.2016 8 15 What are the summer olympics

Want a more in-depth book about the history of the present day olympics and those who’ve competed? Check out sports writer, David Goldblatt’s amazing book The Games: A Global History.

It covers the winter and summer games from Athens 1896 to present day Rio.

2016 8 16 The GamesInterested in what it was like to be an Olympic athlete in the Ancient Greek Olympics? Michael Ford’s book tells us all about how our present day amenities are certainly an upgrade from the conditions the original athletes worked and played in.

And of course, we here in Texas are very proud of our sports and our competitors that hail from here. If you want a complete list of all the Texas Olympic Medaled Athletes, download for FREE, the Texas Almanac from the Texas State Historical Association.


Finally, I found a living mermaid on a super cool site called A Mighty Girl–Annette Kellerman. Mermaid Queen: The Spectacular True Story Of Annette Kellerman, Who Swam Her Way To Fame, Fortune & Swimsuit History!

Ms. Kellerman invented underwater ballet when women weren’t allowed to swim in public because it was considered obscene. She not only pushed the boundaries of social acceptance, she was the first women who swam the English Channel, and basically started the process of the first women’s bathing suit. She was a rock star and truly worthy of Olympic sized praise.

Now, if non-fiction isn’t what you’re looking for, I have these swoon worthy reads.

There are days when my writing life is almost too good to be true. Last month, I had the great fortune of meeting this author last month and let me say, actor and screenwriter, Sean Patrick Flanery is one charming guy and a Texas man! Not only has he starred in movies like Boondocks Saints, Simply Irresistible, and Powder, as well as TV shows including Dexter, Stargate SG-1, and The Young Indiana Jones, he’s one hell of a writer.

2016 8 16 Jane Twoimage

I had no idea that this guy had this kind of writing chops. His first book, Jane Two is about young love. It begins in the late 1970’s in Sugarland, Texas when Mikey, a 10 year old boy, falls for Jane, a new girl who moves into his neighborhood. Before really speaking to her, he does something incredibly valiant–he retrieves a pair of her favorite red tennis shoes that have been thrown up on the middle school flagpole by the neighborhood bully. How he does this is not only poetic, but dangerous and in retrospect (to Mikey) terrifying, but was it worth it to get her shoes back?

You bet it was.

The way Sean strings words together is bone melting. He totally stole my attention and many late night hours with this beautiful young love story.

Looking for a young adult by an Olympic athlete? Check out gymnast Shawn Johnson‘s book, The Flip Side. It’s the sweet story about, Charlie Ryland, a girl who’s trying to achieve something amazing, like qualifying for the Olympics while trying to stay under the radar with everyone in her high school class. Until, of course, when an interesting new boy who’s turning out to be more of a distraction than Charlie anticipates.2016 8 15 The Flip Side




Finally, let’s wrap up with a new author (for me), fellow Texan, Magan Vernon and her new adult book, Edge of Glory.  2016 8 15 Edge of Glory

When Lia unexpectedly  meets one of her major crushes, Olympic swimmer, Jay Morningstar, her life takes a very interesting turn. This is a fun story and who doesn’t want to see a happily ever after, especially for a small-town girl and a guy who’s simply trying to find a life outside the chaos of training and celebrity fame.


I hope this gives you plenty of books to keep you busy for a bit but if you think you’ll need some more great stories, keep checking back in. I’ll have plenty more suggestions next week.


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