My son the turtle

Every couple of months or so, I get to write an article for one of my favorite groups of people about some of my favorite people and what I love to do. Create stories.

Today is World Turtle Day so we should shellabrate! 2016 5 23 world_turtle_day_tshirt

Seriously, it is World Turtle Day and turtles hold a very special place in my heart for two reason.

The first being my grandmother. She wasn’t a great fan of turtles, per se, but when things weren’t going as fast as I’d want them to or the world seemed to be “against me” when I tried “everything” to make something happen, she’d always tell me, “Slow and Steady wins the race.”

At the time, my response usually consisted of a large eye-roll followed by “Grandmother, you don’t understand…” blah, blah, blah. Yet now, seventeen years after she left us far too soon, I realize everyday how absolutely wise she was. How much she really did know and how we should be turtles from time to time.

The second is because my very sweet son, Alex, moves at his own pace. We…

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