BOOK REVIEW: Deep In My Heart by Patricia W. Fischer

Truly humbled by this review. Thank you Ryder.

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Review by Ryder Islington, author of ULTIMATE JUSTICE, A Trey Fontaine Mystery

Oh my! This book begins with the heroine, a child, and a rattlesnake bite. What a hook!

This is one of those un-put-down-able romances. The heroine is a veterinarian, gone back to the town who supported her education to ‘do her time’, and the hero is a cowboy widower, and her high school sweetheart.

Ms. Fischer is great at characterization. These are real people, in a real small town. The gossip. The politics. The jealousies. Loved it. The romance fit right in with the lives of the characters, causing emotions to run in every direction as the histories of different characters ran into each other. The colliding histories were as important to the romance, as the romance was to those histories.

A wonderful read for lovers of romance. Set in Texas, for those who love reading Southern authors…

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4 thoughts on “BOOK REVIEW: Deep In My Heart by Patricia W. Fischer

    • PatriciaWF says:

      Ugh, I know Markeitta. I’ve been behind on my writing. It’s the kids, laundry, life gets in the way. I’m writing as fast as I can and I’ll have Luke and Mia’s book out in September.

  1. markeitta conner says:

    What about its a love thing out 2/14long star love out 4/14. Blame it on Texas outnumber 2014 to hes wounded heart 2014

    • PatriciaWF says:

      I’m finishing up It’s a Love Thing for this month and Lone Star Love out for later this year, but Joseph’s book will be out in October, Harrison’s (To Heal a Wounded Heart) out in November.

      Life, laundry, kids, things like that got me way behind.

      Thanks for asking.

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