Eating Guilt Salad and the Question of the Week

Win a backpack full of New Year’s Resolution Tools–Box of Shakeology, arm bands, ear buds, with a $10 iTunes gift card.

Okay, my friends. We’re only three weeks until the new year. Those resolutions might be sitting heavy in your mind or inching their way forward while you’re drooling over a plate of cookies, pie, fudge, roast beast, and/or any starch covered in cheese. No fear.
All of us who are trying to be more mindful fight with ourselves during the holidays. It’s a special time of year when your mom, or grandma, or that sweet lady in accounting makes that special dish for her favorite people despite her age or failing health.

2010 11 22 Boppa Jacks Photos 268

My fantastic Great-Grandmother who made the most incredible divinity and fudge–even after arthritis made it far more difficult. Do you think I ate my fill?
You bet I did.

2012 2 10 Evil Shrimp Cesar Salad

Shrimp Cesar Salad–usually contains anywhere from 550-750 calories, but couldn’t measure the guilt involved.

I call it eating guilt salad –eating something to celebrate or acknowledge someone’s hard work to make it for you because they care. Even if what they made for you is horribly bad for your health.

So what is your guilt salad over the holidays? What dish can you never turn down?
Will you eat your fill or will you actually enjoy the time with the person instead?

Post by your answer by Saturday and you’re entered to win.

Good luck and pick up a copy of Weighting for Mr. Right while you’re at it. It’s a great read while working out.


2 thoughts on “Eating Guilt Salad and the Question of the Week

  1. Lance says:

    My food for the holidays is lasagna…always eaten on Christmas Eve made by my wife of 15 years. This year its our first one alone without kids or guests. So Christmas Day will be temptation day to gorge even more. That will be the day of salad for the guilt or willpower test!

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