Weighting for Mr. Right Starting a New You Give-Away Question

Don’t want to wait for the first of the year to get starting on your health goals?
Then don’t!
Start with launching yourself into your new goals now.
All you have to do is start–then post what you did on your first day of greatness here.
Did you go to that boot camp your friend’s been bugging you to attend?
Did you walk around the block a couple of times?
Did you dust off that exercise DVD that you purchased months ago, pop it in, and simply make it through?
Tell us what you did to simply get started.
On December 8th, I’ll draw a winner from those who post and that person will get a box of Beachbody Shakeology and a pedometer to help them reach their goals.
Good luck!


6 thoughts on “Weighting for Mr. Right Starting a New You Give-Away Question

  1. Jackie Jones says:

    Love this post because it’s exactly what I wanted to do. I’ve been working out on and off since I stopped the gym last year and decided I wasn’t going to have a ‘get-fit resolution’ and instead would just start now. Woohoo for all those who join in :).

    Thanks for the post ^-^.

  2. August McLaughlin says:

    What a spunky, inspiring blog, Patricia. My holiday wellness wishes have been pretty continual: quality rest and play, mindful eating and enjoyable activity to boot. 😉

    I’ve been meaning to email you… Stay tuned!

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