Author Blog-In: Sean MacUisdin talks about NaNo

It’s true, week one of the National Novel Writing Month has already come to an end, and my very ambitious project to write a completely brand new novel (with only a day or two to sort out characters, plot, and story line)  proved to be just a little bit too ambitious. An honest assessment of my plan hit that halfway mark of the novel and came to an abrupt halt as my story line came to a crashing halt. So, in a panic, I opted for Plan B – expand and finish my 30,000 word novella,Tongs, Tartan, and Tin Pot Battleships into a 50,000 word novel!

A slight cheat, I know, but let’s be fair, I came upon this challenge rather late and had very little time to prepare. So, my novel Murias has hit a pause as I move it to the back burner while Tongs, Tartan, and Tin Pot Battleships is once again in ascension.

Stayed tuned – progress is good and the Tong fort is about to be stormed!


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