A New Year, A Different Perspective

For many months in 2010, I spent sitting, trying to figure out what was wrong with me. Doctor visits, medications, more visits, frustration, all lead to many minutes of emotional eating. In one year, I think I gained about 25 pounds and with it, more physical limitations and more frustration.
Then in October, things started to take an upswing. Finally answers as to why I’m frantic about eating, why I’m having gastric reflux, why I’m constantly winded, why I always feel like I’m tired, even after I’ve slept. After going to an asthma/allergy specialist and him deciding to “hit me from different directions” to find out what exactly was wrong, he sent me to another ear/nose/throat guy who had a  low-dose radtion CT Scanner. Once I had been scanned, the problem was finally discovered–a massive sinus infection. All of my sinus cavities are full of infection so this is constantly dripping into my lungs and belly causing breathlessness/irritation/swelling and irritation of my gut.
Now, the healing began. I started with medicated sinus flushes, completed two weeks of antibiotics, and a course of steroids.
In mid-October, I started to feel human again. My breathing improved, my sleeping became more sound, and my gut quit being so upset. For the fifst time in months, I didn’t feel panicked to eat to settle my stomach and I could walk around the block without having to use my rescue inhaler.
In November I returned to see that my sinuses had responded incredibly well to treatment so no surgery!
For the past six weeks, I’ve done a lot of research and preparing for the first of the year. After my last visit to the doctor, I continue to improve, which makes it even more likely I’ll not have surgery.
Now that the new year has arrived, it’s time to start the road to taking my health back and it’s a journey I am very much looking forward to.
So many plans for this year, many of which include me improving my health and wellness both physical and mental.
One of those many goals is to keep writing about my journey to wellness.
Hopefully someone out there needs a bit of motivation, a bit of a push, and maybe I can help them just as others have helped me.
One of my favorite sayings is “Never, Never, Never give up” by Winston Churchill. Ironic that it’s by a fat guy when I’m discussing losing weight.


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