Lucky Number 7

So, I faced the monster AKA the scale today and in six weeks, I’ve lost 7 pounds. Not shabby at all. A pound a week is a solid and steady weight loss and yes, I wish it were more, but it is progress.
If I stay at this rate, by summer (first week in May), I’ll have lost 33 pounds and by this time next year, 56. My ultimate goal is 70. That’s puts me at 2011 Christmas. 
If I kick it in a little such as actually working out three to four days a week, I might bump it to 1.5 to 2 pounds a week. That rate would have me done by May 2011. It’s reasonable, steady, and realistic and yet, I find myself compelled to eat nothing but carrots and celery and run on the treadmill for three hours at a time. Of course, I’ve never actually done that, but it sounds so dramatic (cue dramatic music).
Seems an easy task, to move more especially since I’ve signed up to walk this half-marathon in seven weeks. Moving more, becoming more active, maybe becoming more generally productive. The idea sounds so exciting!
Because of my weigh in today, I had a great ephipany with my work in progress, Worth the Weight. Over the coming months, I plan to post excerpts of it to get your feedback.
I’m interested to see where I go on this journey, how many times I fall down, get up, start again, move forward, fall back and tell myself to get up and keep moving.
I always tell my girls about adventure, how not to be afraid and to embrace new possibilities. The time has come for me to follow my own advice.
So, seven pounds down and more to go, but the more exciting (and scary) part is the journey to get there.


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