Day 19–Thank you Stomach Flu

So, I had it all planned out. I would drop my daughters off at their respective schools and I’d have the morning to workout and write at a coffee shop, by myself.
Oh, bless you who invented preschool.
Of course, it didn’t work that way. My older woke me at 3am with stomach pain and I was up with her for a good hour. She woke at 645a with the same problems and as I watched her sit in her chair, her legs drawn up to her stomach, I thought, “Well, so much for my day of being alone.” Then I wanted to do nothing but eat my stress away with a good donut (or two or a dozen) and a venti mocha, but I’m proud to say I didn’t. Honestly, I didn’t think it was appropriate to take my sick daughter through the drive through at Krispy Kreme when she’s had stomach cramps for the past seven hours and tell her she can’t have anything. Plus, I told myself I really didn’t need it or even want it. The want for those things was simply a reaction to my day being changed, to the stressor of the alteration of the schedule.
Instead, I still got work done, had my own coffee, and took care of my daughter at home.
Don’t get me wrong, I love my children and I know they would prefer not to be sick, but it’s frustrating when they are sick and I’ve got so many things to get done. I didn’t have any grand illusions that motherhood would be a cakewalk or that if I fed my kids spinach everyday by the time they were eight months they would never get sick, but I’m amazed how often they get sick on days I’ve got deadlines. It’s like they some sort of radar or something. It’s that or it’s the “Mommy is lonely at home so I think I’ll get the stomach flu or pink eye or a fever so she’ll feel better.” Of course I know that’s complete crap, they’d rather be playing at school with their friends and doing art work. 
None the less, I stayed on track and now, I’m very glad for it. I’ve started with the symptoms of stomach flu as well.
How fun for all of us!


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