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Burning with Desire, my latest release is with Tule Publication and is part of the men of Marietta series.

Here’s an excerpt:

She tilted her chin up, looking deep into his eyes. “Now, where were we?”
He brushed his lips against hers, making a sigh escape her. “Somewhere, about here.”
“Yes.” Pressing his mouth to hers, he slid his tongue along the seam. Her mouth opened and his tongue swept in. The burn of peppermint tingled along the sensitive skin and sent a thrill straight to her panties. She couldn’t help but moan, which only appeared to encourage him.
He pulled her flush as he nibbled her lower lip.
Sliding her hands around his body, she heard a soft thud, but she didn’t bother to look at what she’d dropped.
Her tongue slid along his, deepening their kiss.
He tasted of lemon pie and mint. It had been too long since she’d been engulfed with this kind of passion.
All consuming. Wild. Hungry.
It took everything she had not to rip that jacket and shirt off him and run her hands down that chiseled body she knew he hid under his clothes.
“Gabriella,” he whispered before nibbling on the pulse point of her neck.
She gasped, grabbing handfuls of his jacket. “Yes, Kyle.”
“Damn, you smell good. Taste even better.” His mouth covered hers again.
Even with Derrick, she didn’t experience this kind of chemistry and certainly not this quickly. She ran her fingers through his hair as his hands wandered along the sides of her body. His thumbs tenderly brushed the outsides of her breasts. Despite the thick sweater, his touch penetrated the layers and set her body on fire.
“Gabriella,” he gasped as he came up for air.
”Yes?” she panted, her hands running down his thick torso. Her fingers itching to move under his shirt.
“Would you like to go out with me?”
She couldn’t help but giggle at his innocent question. “Are you asking me on a date?”
The corner of his mouth curled up as the flush of red on his cheeks began to fade. “Yes. I guess I am.”
“Considering I just stuck my tongue down your throat, I’d say that’s a yes on the date.”

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